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"A Place of Refuge" 1 Samuel 22:1-2

We love to help!

Adullam Christian Ministries are a registered Christian Charity in Northern Ireland and we have been working and helping people within our communities for over 18 years.

We believe in showing the Love of Christ through practical service in our communities. We work accross the whole of Northern Ireland and beyond.

We do not provide legal or business advice.

We have years of experience working with various Government Departments/Local Charities/Medical Authorities/Tribunals/Polticians/Solicitors, in order to help you.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Our Main Aims & Goals

Adullam Christian Ministries is a Non Profit Christian Charity and our main aims and goals are to serve our local communities, here in Northern Ireland, regardless of background, race or faith. We help everyone, but especially love to help those at crisis points or most in need, who are finding life difficult and don't know where to turn for help. We know and have seen that just having that help at times of crisis can make all the difference! We also aim to engage in programmes to create good community relations and run programmes to help with health and well being issues.

Community Listening & Assistance Clinic

We love to help!! Our Listening & Assistance Clinic, which is run by employees/volunteers, helps communities all across Northern Ireland. Please see this web site on how we may be able to help you!!

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Helping with Health & Well-being Issues

We recognize that mental health issues are on the rise. We seek to run courses, sourcing professional organizations, to help improve mental health within our communities. We hope to have some courses available shortly.

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Good Community Relations

We love to encourage good community relations and we have ran a number of cross-community conferences. We are planning to do another conference shortly and will keep you updated on our web site.

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Here are some examples of issues we have helped people with.....

Community Listening & Assistance Clinic

We love to help!! All our Listening & Assistance is provided free of Charge at no cost to you. All we ask is that you understand that we are not a Company and/or a Business. We are a Registered Non Profit Charity and any assistance/work we do for you or decisions you may make after or attending our Clinic Appointments, you accept is at no risk or liability to our Charity. You also accept sole responsibility for any decisions made or instructions you may give us in handling your case/work carried out on your behalf.

Social Security Benefits

Government Benefits Forms

Do you need help completing Government benefit forms. We know that this can be difficult and daunting and we are happy to help.


Government Benefit Appeals

We may be able to help and assist you present benefit appeals and support you at appeal tribunals, depending on our evaluation of your case.

House Model and Money, House Key Lying on Real Estate Contract,

Housing/ Homeless Issues

Have you Housing Issues with your mortgage/ landlord? Maybe you are facing homelessness? We can help with letters/applications/

referrals and signposting.

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Employment Tribunals

Have you got an employment issue? We know this can be stressful. We can help you write letters/liase with Labour Relations Agency/signpost to other organisations.

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GP/Hospital Ombudsman

Sometimes disputes unfortunately arise with GP's and /or Medical Authorities. We can help you write letters/put in official complaints and if necessary give you assistance to present your case to the Medical Ombudsman, depending on our assessment of your case.

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Addiction & Recovery

Sometimes addictions of any sort can take over our life, ruin relationships, affect our health. We can signpost you and assist you to obtain help from a wide variety of charitable organizations to help with addiction and recovery. This just may be your first step to freedom, contact us today!

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Counselling Services

Counselling sometimes can help us get through that difficult period in our life, maybe its marriage issues, a difficulty with a child, work issues, a bereavement? Sometimes we just need to talk! We are happy to listen and signpost you to available counselling services in your area.

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Futurniture White Goods

Sometimes due to financial restrictions or other unforeseen circumstances, people urgently need help obtaining furniture and white goods. We have various links and contacts with charitable organizations who assist people with these issues.

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Emergency Aid

Sometimes people have financial crisis, we can help in a number of ways, for example assisting you to apply for Government Benefit Advance Loans and applying to other Charitable Organizations which may be able to help you with emergencies, for example oil, electric, etc. This help is provided after an assessment of your case.

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Food Bank/ Emergency Food

We are registered with a local Food Bank. They can provide you with food, for a short period of time, for your and/or your family if you are going through a period of difficultly financially. This applies even to those who are working full-time! We just have to quickly assess your needs and if you qualify, we can issue food vouchers. If you do not live in our local area we can signpost you to other foodbanks.

The above list are only examples of how can help you. If your problem is not listed, don't worry. please contact us and we will see if we can help you!

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How to Receive Help From Us

We are looking forward to helping you in any way we can, however, please note that this is a free service and we are a non profit Charity, any help or assistance you receive from us, is taken at your own risk, we can accept no responsibility for any assistance or decisions you make during or after receiving our help.





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Complete our Contact Form, under Questions Section or Contact us directly by using our Contact information at the end of this web site.

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initial appointment

We will contact you and arrange an initial appointment with you. If we are unable to assist you, we will try and signpost you, if possible, to another organization, that may be able to help you.

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At your first meeting you will be asked to sign GDPR Permission forms and confirm you have read our Privacy Statement.

Your data security and privacy is important to us.

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After assessing your case, we will then set up further appointments, if necessary, in order to assist you and discuss your case further. We will not act on your case without first receiving your instruction and agreement to do so and you can withdraw your case at any time.

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During review of your case we may ask you to seek expert advice e.g. solicitor/medical/professional advisor.

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Other Work We Do!


We love to help people if there are local community issues that may need help and assisting in contacting Politicians, Government Representatives and Local Representaives. If you need assistance, please let us know.


We help and assist in confidential peace and reconciliation work, within our communities and also work alongside others to help with peace and reconciliation.


We love to bring our communities together and have been involved community relations programes that help to create better community relations.

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